ucsd-psystem-xc 0.13

Reference Manual
The README, and building instructions, and man pages are all collected into the one place, ucsd-psystem-xc-0.13.pdf as a PDF file.

There is compiler internals documentation in the file headers. This is extracted by Doxygen and turned into cross referenced HTML files.

LCA'11, January 2011
Factory Factory Factories (slides)

LCA'07, January 2007
Compilers and Factories (slides)

There is a one page summary of the source files.

The repository also has file metrics as well.

Commit Log
You can see recent commits to the project.

All of the documentation is contained in the source tarball, ucsd-psystem-xc-0.13.tar.gz, or can be build from it. However, this not the easiest way to access the documentation.